Top 10 Michael Jordan Posters

1 year ago
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With the jumpman recently turning 53 & release of the Air Jordan 12 “The Masters” just right around the corner, It has brought upon a renewed nostalgic feeling for the man and his ever so evolving brand. With all the buzz going on, We take a look back at the top 10 best Michael Jordan vintage posters. Some of the posters are so rare that no scans exist, Only bad angle shots from 2MP Nokia cameras. Take a look below as we countdown VLK’s Top 10 Vintage Jordan posters.

10) Windmill

We start of the countdown with this badboy right here. This comes from the ’88 Slam Dunk Contest. He battled Dominique Wilkins and gave him a viscious L.

9) Hare Jordan


Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny team up in this retro promo poster for the 1996 movie release of Space Jams. Imagine a modern day MJ/Bug Bunny/Disney team-up in today’s world were you can’t no longer tell the difference between real life and CGI. Bananas!

08) Air Superiority


A much lesser known poster of the jumpman shooting his famous fade-away jumpshot. Jordan is wearing a Bulls outfit for a Barcelona promo poster. I’m guessing these were pumped out prior to the ’92 Olympics in Spain.

7) Failure


This poster used to be everywhere. From Wal-Mart, K-Mart to the quikie mart around the corner. Now only a few exist and are more rare than the Owen Hart Accident tape.

6) Playground


Every kid that steps on a playground has dreamed about playing ball with a professional basketball player. This poster plays on those feelings as Mike steps on the court and hovers right over you.

5) Free Throw Line


Another poster from the ’88 Slam Dunk Contest but this time, the pose is iconic. Jordan took the dunk contest to a completely new level as he took off from the free throw line and took home the win.

4) Art Of The Dunk


In Retrospect, Not the best looking poster but it generated a great deal of money for Nike. It’s one of the most memorable poster period.

3) Wings


“No bird soars too high, If he soars with his own wings” -William Blake

2) Six Rings


This poster has butthurt tons of haters as the jumpman shows of all six of his championship rings. At the time it seamed a bit cocky, but when you win so many rings, you’re entitled to it.

1) Air Jordan


At #1, Here’s the poster that inspired a logo that has become the most iconic logo of any single human being. This poster set the tone for all the success he has had in the sneaker world.

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