Make Your Own Yeezy 350 Boost!

1 year ago
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What's This?

Lets face it, For some of use getting owr hands on a Pair of authentic Adidas Yeezy 350 Boost is pretty much damn near impossible. If you didn’t initially copped these from a retailer, Good luck getting your hands on a pair below $500 from the secondary market.

But if you’re feeling the look of the Yeezy 350 boost but don’t want to hand over a month’s worth of rent, fear not, Hes Kicks has the perfect solution for you.

With some modification, Hes Kicks took the soles of a pair of Adidas Pure Boost and slapped them on a pair of Adidas Tubular Runner Primeknit. Check the video below for results. They turned out pretty good considering this is the first time it has ever been done.

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