James Harden’s “Clutch City” adidas Crazylight Boost 2.5 PE

1 year ago
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James Harden’s Rockets are looking to make the Playoffs this year after a start slower than a snail’s pace. The beard is looking to lead the squad into championship form just like Hakeem & Clyde did back in ’95.

The CrazyLight Boost 2.5 come in 3 different colorways: Red upper with yellow under, red/white upper & under, and finally, all red with a silver line across the uppers. The kicks are personalized with “H13″ on the top of the tongue giving them a brand-able value”

Red and yellow colors tie back to the 1990’s “Clutch City” era when the Rockets won back-to-back championships. James Harden will be sporting these colorways throughout the remaining season.

Check out the visual below and let us know which colorway is your favorite in the comment section. As always, follow us on Twitter for all the latest info

James-Harden’s-Clutch-City-adidas-Crazylight-Boost-2.5-PE-2 James-Hardens-Clutch-City-adidas-Crazylight-Boost-2.5-PE-3 James-Hardens-Clutch-City-adidas-Crazylight-Boost-2.5-PE-4 James-Hardens-Clutch-City-adidas-Crazylight-Boost-2.5-PE-5 James-Hardens-Clutch-City-adidas-Crazylight-Boost-2.5-PE-6 James-Hardens-Clutch-City-adidas-Crazylight-Boost-2.5-PE-7 James-Hardens-Clutch-City-adidas-Crazylight-Boost-2.5-PE-8 James-Hardens-Clutch-City-adidas-Crazylight-Boost-2.5-PE-9 James-Hardens-Clutch-City-adidas-Crazylight-Boost-2.5-PE-10

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